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ChiSeries Winnipeg April 9th!

Join us at the next ChiSeries Winnipeg, April 9th, 7pm at McNally Robinson Booksellers! (located in the Atrium, 1120 Grant Avenue)

Readings by Keith Cadieux, Karen Dudley, and Ronald J. Hore, and hosted by CZP's own S.M. Beiko!

Keith Cadieux

Always fascinated by any kind of writing, Keith Cadieux has studied everything from medieval to postcolonial literature, horror and weird fiction, and even narrative in video games, before finally receiving a Master of Arts in creative writing from the University of Manitoba.  He lives, works, and writes in Winnipeg.

Gaze is Keith's first publication.  Called a psychomanteum, it's a room entirely lined with mirrors.  It was once used to channel the spirits of the dead, though in our day and age, people have forgotten it.  Gaze is told through the journal of someone who has rediscovered this unique device.  By methodically documenting his fascination with the contraption, this person discovers and allows us to see that mirrors still hold tight their deepest mysteries and secrets.  And uncovering soon becomes all that matters.

Karen Dudley

Karen’s checkered past includes field biology, production art, photo research, palaeo-environmental studies, editing, archaeology and classical studies. She wrote four environmental mysteries and a short stack of wildlife biology books for kids. Food for the Gods is an historical fantasy novel set in Athens. It’s all about chefs and gods and food and murder and strange beasties and a huge amount of fun. The sequel, Kraken Bake, is forthcoming. She lives in Winnipeg with her husband, daughter, and assorted authorial cats.


Ronald Hore

Ronald J Hore is a Winnipeg-based author of science fiction and fantasy. With seven books under his belt through Champagne and Burst Books (The Dark Lady, The Housetrap, Dial M for Mudder, among others) Hore began his writing journey with several works of non-fiction before settling on his genre career. Past accreditations include first prize in 2006 for a National Canadian Authors short story contest (a romantic ghost story: “Midnight”) which was published in their anthology that year, as well as the publication of a modern vampire tale “Chrysalis”, featured in the Evolve anthology produced by EDGE Science Fiction & Fantasy. 

Hore currently reviews science fiction and fantasy genre novels and anthologies for an on-line magazine aimed primarily at school libraries, and has so far produced over 60 reviews. 

Upcoming ChiSeries Winnipeg events

Winnipeg ChiSeries event dates:

  • Wednesday, April 9 (hosted by S.M. Beiko)
  • Wednesday, July 9 (hosted by Chadwick Ginther)
  • Wednesday, October 8 (hosted by S.M. Beiko)

All events will be at McNally Robinson Booksellers, 1120 Grant Avenue!

ChiSeries Winnipeg

ChiSeries Winnipeg launches July 17, 2013! 

Join us at The Atrium, McNally Robinson Booksellers, 1120 Grant Ave., Winnipeg, 7pm! With readings by Andrew Davidson, David Annandale, and Sierra Dean!

Hosted by the lovely S.M. Beiko!